This beautiful valley offers an unimaginable variety of activities and adventures to discover, only require a spirit of adventure and ready to enjoy this range of adventures described below.
• Tour of coffee
Surprise yourself with an excellent and informative tour of coffee, find the whole process involves creating a cup of coffee and great coffee taste high.
• Tree Trek Canopy
Glide over the mountains and on the treetops discovering beautiful scenery
• Horseback riding and Hot Springs
Take a horseback riding through the plains and then swim into the hot springs or rivers that surround the beautiful area.
• Tour of ATV or four wheel
Have fun or enjoying a driving tour of extreme mountain at full speed.
• Hiking and Bird Watching
Enjoy beautiful mountains, landscapes or climb to the top of Volcano Baru. Enjoy off all that nature us surrounds. filled your lungs with fresh air and enjoy the variety of birds that abound in this area and if you are lucky the majestic Quetzal.
• Scenic Tour
This adventure is for those who have no car to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, gardens and other attractions offered by our beautiful Boquete.
• Adventure Tour a Monkey Reserve and Botanical Garden
Share an unforgettable experience with the monkeys and enjoy a botanical garden.

If you require help booking activity or booking required transportation service, we are at your service we will gladly help.

Due to our geographical location in the highlands we have a very fluid environment, so you should bring casual clothes and some casual wear and not missing a coat or jacket for the cold.
• We suggest renting a car or bring one
Because Boquete is a hilly place has very beautiful landscapes located in different geographical areas of the valley which is not possible to visit all walking due to the distance between them and likewise gives more freedom to move within the community when your taking a lunch or dinner and so not subject to local transport which may be inconsistent as any system.
• It is important to have a travel insurance?
The carry travel insurance is extremely important. This insurance should cover you ESSENTIALLY involuntary cancellation of your vacation, including airfare.
Our establishment is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from the inability of the traveler to complete all or part of your itinerary paid.
Due to this reason we suggest you take out travel insurance.